Bowing to the native land

The traditional local lore research expedition “Tugan elge tagzym” is organized annually. Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of the country also take part in the expedition. Due to the epidemiological situation in the world, the project was carried out remotely this year.

– First, there was an in-school competition, the best of the guys were admitted to the linear stage of the project. The main goal of the project is to popularize and support the creative work of students representing geography, history, sights, culture, lifestyle, economy of their native land, – said Larissa Abylkassymova, deputy director of the school for educational work.

100 Semey pupils expressed their desire to participate in the in-school competition. According to its terms, each participant must research in different directions. Including in the direction of the route of the historical heritage “Uly dala Orkenieti”, in the direction of the natural-reserve route “Tugan Olkem – Jumak Meken”, in the direction of the route of cultural heritage “Ult ruhaniyaty – babalar amanaty”, in the direction of the route of innovative – industrial development by the example enterprises “Ondіrіstіk innovatcia kepіli – ziyatkerlіk Aleuet”, etc.

– Under the terms of the project, each student decides for himself in which direction he will conduct his research. Our students decided to carry out their research through a scientific project,

a route map, a mobile application, a video tour and a video route, essay writing, and creative works. As a result of work in the historical direction, 36 children were offered, in the nature reserve direction – 33 people, the social and cultural heritage – 27 children, in the industrial and innovative direction, four offered their work. All completed research works were presented to the jury from among the teachers of the school, – said the coordinator of the project “Tugan elge tagzym” Mukhtar Kazhykenov.

On the third of November, within the framework of a monthly intra-school project, young researchers presented works about the Konyr Aulie cave, the Yrgyzbay ata mausoleum, the stones of Tamgaly, about the Semey forest, the landfill and its consequences, the ecology of the city of Semey. They also presented developments on the maps of monuments of the city of Semey, the Zhidebay reserve, museums of the city of Semey. From these works, by the decision of the jury, 10 projects were selected and allowed to participate in the competition of network projects.

Press service of NIS PM Semey