Students of NIS Semey study their native land

A group of students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey gathered to participate in the traditional network educational and local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”.During […]


As part of the Summer School, the STARTUP WEEKEND was organized by the ENACTUS NIS Semey club, where students developed their entrepreneurial skills, started their projects and established relationships with […]

Neptune’s Day

The 8th day of our summer school is dedicated to Neptune’s Day. Mentors, volunteers and students took part in it with interest. As usual, at the end of the theoretical […]

Fun Quest

The seventh day of the Summer School was fun and interesting. The day began with active and toning workout. After it, everyone, full of strength, dispersed to their courses to […]

Values. Goal setting

Today was the sixth day of summer school. The morning began with an active musical warm-up. Then the students went to their classes. After lunch, a leadership hour took place, […]

“Inner Leadership” Lesson

Today was an equally interesting day of the summer school at the NIS of Physics and mathematics in Semey. The day began with an active and interesting musical warm-up, after […]

Highlights of the Summer School

Every day at the Summer School is full of events and knowledge. The students have found a way to have an interesting summer vacation and enrolled in the Summer School, […]