A debate in English

A debate tournament dedicated to the 165th anniversary of Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly was held in our school. 16 fractions in the senior league and 10 fractions in the junior league took part in the event organized by members of the English Department and the debate club. There were different resolutions which raised different topics such as science, fiction and non-fiction books, languages, video games, gender policy, etc.

– The aim of the tournament was to show respect to Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly, as well as to develop the eloquence and critical thinking skills, and to increase the interest of learning English language in students. The tournament was only in English. Each participant impressed us with their language art, – says Assel Duisenbayeva, one of the organizers of the event.

According to the results of the debate, in the senior league the fraction “Tarlan” from Shakarim multi-disciplinary gymnasium №5 in city Semey (A. Toktarova, B. Eltai, leader: A. Shiderbaeva) won the 1st palce, while the Nazarbayev Intellectual school fractions “Full to the Brim” (A. Bakytzhan, A. Kazkeyev, leader: D.Koxegenova) and “Sixers” (D.Kaliev, M.Mussina, leader: D.Koxegenova) shared the 2nd and 3rd places among themselves.

In the junior league, the fraction “Landysh” (G. Kasymbayeva, Zh. Ilyasov, leader: N. Ibraeva) from №15 school won the 1st place. The 2nd place was won by the “Period” fraction from Economic Lyceum (A. Sultan, R. Kaliyev, leader: A. Kenzhebayeva), the 3rd place was won by the fraction “Battle of Minds” from “Zhas Ulan” men’s lyceum (A. Rayimzhan, E. Iskakov, leaders: G. Ibraeva, S. Saduakasov).

Apart from these, the nomination of “Best Orator” was awarded to A. Bakytzhan and I. Kobegenova, “Best Analyst” was given to A. Kazkeyev, G. Kasymbayeva, “Best Speaker” was awarded to A. Bektargazyeva, N. Bakytzhanova.