Holiday Amal “Korisu kuni”

The winter chills ended, mother earth softened and allowed the first messengers of spring, the snowdrops, to show the world their white heads. Together with these spring changes, the holiday […]

We are just a family

The role of the family in raising a child is extremely important. The qualities and foundations of behavior laid down from early childhood remain with a person throughout his life. […]

“Street games”

June 1 – the International Children’s Day. The Green World Summer School dedicated the first day of summer to the street games. The homework was presented after a daily lesson, […]

Comic Con Day (Day of fantastic characters)

On May 30, the Green World Summer school held a curator hour on the theme “Day of fantastic characters.” The participants of the group presented their favorite fantastic characters. The […]

Start up day

On May 29, the Green World Summer School dedicated its day to the theme “Start Up Day.” That is, each group presented their financial plans and shared their ideas on […]

“Second life”

Today’s topic of the Green World Summer school was dedicated to the “Second Life,” that is, how to give a second wind to the old things. The children were given […]

Learning to cook…

The second day of the summer school was called “Ratatouille” The first two lessons were held by chosen directions: the Olympic school for subjects, the research school for current projects, […]

Summer school has started

All of us has been waiting for this summer. As soon as the students of our school had summer break, on May 26, we opened our summer school, called “Green […]