Night at the Museum

Pupils of the hostel Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Semey took an active part in the action “Night at the Museum” as part of the International Museum Day. Pupils of grades 7-8 visited the Regional Museum of Local History of the city of Semey.

The main purpose of visiting the museum was to increase the level of culture of students, broaden their horizons, stimulate creative activity, increase cognitive interests and abilities, familiarize themselves with the history of East Kazakhstan.

The event was held according to the program prepared by the museum staff. Our schoolchildren got acquainted with the art of applying rock paintings at the master class “Creating petroglyphs”, with the rules for creating dishes from clay – at the master class “Pottery”.

With great interest they took part in the game “Togyz kumalak”, “Kush atasyn tanymas”, “Asyk atu”, “Sadaq atu”. Within the framework of this action, the exhibition “Gold of Antiquity”, “From the History of Glass” was organized, and at the exhibition-fair of masters of applied art, children could purchase the product they liked.

In the quiz “History of the native land” Zholdaspekov Nuraly took 1st place, Kadyshev Baktiyar – 2nd place, Bakytzhanova Nurai – 3rd place.

A trip to the museum as a whole contributes to the harmonious development and formation of the personality, broadening one’s horizons and interest in the history of one’s Motherland, which must be formed in the younger generation.

Educators: Kasimova K.Zh., Kudaibergenova Sh.D.