Learning to cook…

The second day of the summer school was called “Ratatouille” The first two lessons were held by chosen directions: the Olympic school for subjects, the research school for current projects, […]

An online debate on a Victory Day

Despite the fact that 75 years have passed since the end of the World War II, and the history of which has not yet been forgotten, it still opens the […]

“The Dawns Here are Quiet”

On the eve of Victory Day, I read the story “The Dawns Here are Quiet” by Boris Vasilyev. I was impressed by this book, even more, when I saw its […]

Distance learning is very useful for students.

One of those who were very worried about transition to distance learning were students. A student who is used to sit at school desk listening to the teacher’s speech, trying […]

Distance learning is a requirement of today.

According to the latest data, 167 countries have switched to distance learning. The COVID-19 virus, which caused an agiotage in the world, and forced teachers to work in a new […]