Connection with the Norwegian International School

G10 and G12 students of NIS Semey presented their projects via video conference to students of Romerike International School in Norway. Alina Klimova and Ilyas Makhatov (10 C) students showcased their project called “Smart Step,” a device to help patients with mobility issues to regain and recover their dexterity, while Ibrahim Nurgali and Kambar Nuralinov (12 D) presented the smart application they designed to diagnose flat feet in patients using artificial intelligence.

The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session where students from Norway asked the presenters about their projects. This was followed briefly by a casual and friendly dialogue between students of the two schools.

A short video, showcasing the beauty of the City of Semey and NIS, was shown at the start of the program. This was prepared by Akezhan Aidynuly, the President of the Student Council. Allen Aussenov of Grade 10D served as the host of the program, while biology teachers Albina Ishmukhametova, Dana Orazbaeva and Bertrand Rodriguez supervised the activity. Anar Sovetova served as the guest of honour during the program.