The presentation of the scientific collection «Foreign perception of the literature of Kazakhstan» was held at our school

Researcher at Institute of Literature and Art named after M.O. Auezova (Almaty), Master of Humanities Shagimoldina Marzhan Omirkhanovna gave a presentation of a new book to the teachers of our school, this book consists of 2 (Kazakh, Russian) sections, the collection contains materials from 22 countries, including from 14 countries abroad (Australia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, USA, Turkey, France, Sweden) and 8 neighboring countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).

In the collection, the study of translated sources is aimed at predicting the further development of Kazakh literature in line with global trends. During the presentation, Marzhan Shagimoldina shared her scientific experience with the teachers.