Goodbye, school!

This year 70 graduates graduated from our school. Of these, 7 children were awarded the sign “Altyn belgi”, 6 people finish school with a Certificate with honors in their hands.

In particular, Ermek Azbergenov, Daria Kairkhanova, Dilyara Uvataeva, Adlen Rollanuly, Magzhan Serikbekov, Amina Utegenova, Nurai Zhumakhanov, and Erkenaz Baizhigit, Aidana Ispaeva, Adeliya Kelsyngazina, Alexander Gritsay, Meruert Mukasheva, Dina Iyasheva received “Altyn Belgi” Certificate with distinction”.

-Today is a special day for us. We are grateful to our parents and teachers who helped and supported us. I think that in the future we will work to glorify the name of our country on the world stage, deepening and improving our knowledge, – says Yerkenaz Bayzhigit.