At the top of Olympus

Winners of the network stage of the Republican Junior Olympiad in subjects of the natural-mathematical cycle among grades 7-8

The “Green World-2021” season is over.

During these 10 days, “Green World-2021” has completed its seasonal work this year, contributing to the effective pastime of secondary school students of our golden nest and our city and […]

Physics around us

Human beings, as the highest value of our civilization, are studied in a number of scientific disciplines: biology, anthropology, and psychology, among others. However, the creation of a holistic view […]

Pictures also speak

Art Studio is the Summer School course that brings together creative children, allows them to develop their drawing skills, share their work and experiences. At the Art Studio lessons, students […]

There are no boundaries in art

So another day of the summer school has come to an end, where students share the knowledge and skills gained during the year. This was also facilitated by the course […]

Singing helps you learn English

In the Music Club, students of grades 5-6 from local schools study the vocabulary and grammar of the English language through the lyrics. During the week of classes, the students […]

Let’s contribute to Wikipedia

This year we started organizing a Wikipedia course at the summer school. This course was held in order to train schoolchildren to write and edit articles in accordance with the […]

Let’s learn Turkish”

Summer vacation is a long-awaited time for schoolchildren. One of the ways for them to spend their time effectively is to supplement their knowledge through summer school. Despite the fact […]