Pictures also speak

Art Studio is the Summer School course that brings together creative children, allows them to develop their drawing skills, share their work and experiences. At the Art Studio lessons, students were immersed in the history of art, mastered graphics, watercolors, techniques in painting, proportions, and human anatomy, and had the chance to learn more about the creative professions of a web designer and architect.

At each of the lessons, the talented children of our school introduced for young artists some theoretical material about different aspects of art, and then performed joint practice. At the meeting with a graduate of NIS Semey Kadyrova Nazira, a student at Astana IT University, the students received important information about the features of admission to creative specialties.

The lessons were remembered for the inviting atmosphere, the unique style of drawing of each student, and the craving for knowledge of the world of art. Despite the difficulties of the online format, the students tried to actively participate in the lessons, and the course organizers gave high-quality feedback that will help them in the forthcoming. It is worth noting that our students have a good potential for further development, and we believe that in the future they will be able to become great artists.

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