The “Green World-2021” season is over.

During these 10 days, “Green World-2021” has completed its seasonal work this year, contributing to the effective pastime of secondary school students of our golden nest and our city and practicing various skills. During this time, the Summer School, which included about 730 students and 136 teachers had unforgettable and interesting time.

The closing ceremony was organized online and was attended by all students and teachers. During the event, an overview of the past 10 days was conducted and videos prepared from the interesting moments of the event were shown. The students thanked the teacher and the curators for organizing interesting, informative lectures and games, and the teachers awarded the advanced, thoughtful participants in the categories “The most initiative”, “The most talented”, and “The most active”. There was also teachers who were awarded.

The event continued with warm wishes of the parties to each other and ended with the performance of the anthem of Intellectual Schools.

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