Physics around us

Human beings, as the highest value of our civilization, are studied in a number of scientific disciplines: biology, anthropology, and psychology, among others. However, the creation of a holistic view of the human phenomenon is impossible without physics. Physics is the leader of modern natural science and the foundation of scientific and technological progress, and there are enough reasons for this. Physics, more than any of the natural sciences, has expanded the boundaries of human knowledge. It has put the most powerful sources of energy into the hands of man.

Physics is now the theoretical foundation of most of the main areas of technological progress and areas of practical use of technical knowledge. Its phenomena and laws operate in the world of the living and inanimate nature, which is very important for the life and activity of the human body and the creation of natural optimal conditions for human existence on Earth. Man is an element of the physical world of nature. Like all objects of nature, it is subjected to the laws of physics such as Newton’s laws, the law of conservation and transformation of energy, and others.

During the course of the Summer School “Physics around us”, students remembered the basic concepts and laws of Physics. They explained the practical application and the importance of each discovery of Physics. In the classroom, students approached all the tasks of the course responsibly and showed creativity.

On the day of the Olympiad, you can see teamwork, unity, and interest in the fast and high-quality performance of each task. Since classes were online, students performed virtual experimental tasks and there were no opportunity to work with physical devices. Physics is an exact and complex science. Therefore, the question arises: Is there anyone in the 21st century who can move further in this science, study it more deeply, and pay special attention?
After all, physics is one of the most amazing sciences! Physics is developing so intensively that even the best teachers face great difficulties when they need to talk about modern science.

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