The regional forum “Young teacher: the path to success” was held

In the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey, a regional forum was organized for young teachers of general education schools in the Abay region “Young teacher: the path to success”. The forum was attended by about 200 delegates. The event was rich and meaningful, its purpose was to exchange the methodological practices of the older generation with the younger ones, qualified colleagues shared their best practices with young teachers who are just learning a difficult profession and are at the beginning of their careers.

Invited guests shared their wishes and experience, including the head of the education department of the region Abai Nurzhan Akhmetkaliyev, the secretary of the regional maslikhat Kuanysh Suleimenov, the deputy of the maslikhat of the Abai region, the famous wrestler Aibek Nugymarov, the director of the JYSAN bank branch in Semey Adilet Oralbekov.

Within the framework of the forum, in addition to high-ranking guests, the director of the NIS FMN in Semey Bagdan Kairzhanov and the director of the branch of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence in Ust-Kamenogorsk Kulfarida Raisova spoke about the difficult path of teaching, that in order to achieve a certain result you need to be in search and continuous work.

– My teaching experience is small, about four years. I want to raise my qualification one more level by participating in today’s forum. The Forum is a great opportunity for young professionals like me. On the way to learning, educating the future of our country with modern advanced curricula, we – teachers must first master it ourselves. To do this, we have a lot to learn from colleagues of the older generation, who have extensive experience and high qualifications. I want to thank the organizers of this forum and wish good luck and not miss the opportunity to participate in such a forum to my colleagues, – says a young teacher from the Zharma district Akmaral Imanbayeva.

Forum participants met at thematic venues where such topical issues as “Lesson Design: We Collect and Use”, “Functional Illiteracy: How to Fill the Gap”, “Inclusive Education: From Indirect Experience to Our Actions”, “Effective Use of ICT in Teaching” were touched upon. “. The training “Emotional culture”, master classes for young teachers, Active spot were also organized.