“Tungysh – First” movie week has passed

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Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey hosted a movie week called “Tungysh – First”, dedicated to the Day of the First President. During the week, the films shown were about the immense work of the founder of independent Kazakhstan, the wise politician N.A. Nazarbayev on the path of development of the country.
– The right decisions, the tremendous work and efforts put into the development of the people of Kazakhstan by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev are highly appreciated not only in our country, but in the whole world. We believe that motivating the younger generation to follow the example of the Leader of the Nation, who invests all his strength for our independent country to become one of the developed countries, is one of the first tasks of the society of teachers. For that reason, a movie week was organized in our school, where students were given the opportunity to watch such informative and educational films as: “Capital of the great steppe”, “Turkic world”, “Astana is a city of peace and hope”, “At the epicenter of modernization”, “Chosen by time”. During the week, the students watched films in the school’s assembly hall, library, dormitory, during psychologist’s hours and curator hours,- said Larisa Abylkasymova, Deputy Director for educational work. The students themselves noted that the watched films had a big and deep meaning. Having shared their impressions, they said that being the future leaders of the 21st century, they want to be like the Leader of the Nation.
– The films we watched told us about significant events in the history of Kazakhstan. Not everyone is able to build a modern new city on a huge plain steppe. Nevertheless, the Head of State, who managed to overcome this difficulty and obstacles, always pleases and delights with his perseverance. We are proud of our Head of State”, – said Turar Kametai, a 10th grade student of our school. At the end of the movie week, the students gave feedback by writing their opinions on the paper sheets.

Press-service of NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Semey