Journalists of Semey supported the initiatives of NIS students

Within the framework of the local history research expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”, the conference “Hometown – Semey” was held in the NIS PM in Semey. The meeting was attended by scientists, representatives of various industries and the media.

Our students, who were able to reasonably state the facts revealed during the study, surprised the guests with their curiosity, diligence and determination.

– My colleagues present in the hall often write about the problems of our city that you have raised. Only together we can achieve a positive result. We are always ready to support such talented young people, – said Aiman Sharipkhanova, own correspondent of the republican newspaper Liter.

Within the framework of the conference, on the eve of the Day of Communications and Information Workers, journalists were presented with letters of thanks and memorable gifts on behalf of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO and the school administration for many years of fruitful cooperation.

Among the awarded were Yerzhan Zhakyp, own correspondent of NT “Qazaqstan”, Asem Utesheva, correspondent of the republican TV channel “Khabar 24 kz”, Aiman Sharipkhanova, correspondent of the republican newspaper “Liter”, editor of the newspaper “Semey tany” Roza Pushpakova, editor-in-chief of the information agency “” Raushan Musina, SemeI TV channel journalists Aslan Yertysbaev, Azamat Kalimbekov, Vesti Semey newspaper correspondent Victoria Donkovtseva, Ertis oniri newspaper designer Ainur Rakhimbayeva, Objective Vostok news agency editor-in-chief Natalia Pertseva.