As part of the Summer School, the STARTUP WEEKEND was organized by the ENACTUS NIS Semey club, where students developed their entrepreneurial skills, started their projects and established relationships with mentors.

STARTUP Weekend lasted 10 days. In this short period of time, 18 participants worked on 13 projects together with mentors from the ENACTUS Shakarim team. The guys were divided into 3 groups and worked hard every day to get the main prize – 40 thousand tenge for the development of their startups.
Group activities were held daily, bringing the participants and the organizing committee together. The guys were visited by guests – Madina Urdasheva and Aslan Tolenov, giving the guys a great motivation to work.

7 out of 13 selected projects were presented. The jury included representatives of the teams ENACTUS SMU, ABU, Shakarim, as well as the founder of the Banzai cafe Ayan Tolenov. The award ceremony was attended by a special guest and sponsor – President of Akshyn Corporation Marat Kurmanbay. Wishing everyone success, he expressed his gratitude to the organizing committee and presented the winners with certificates and prizes.

The jury distributed the prizes as follows:

  1. “Third age” – Ayazbekov Abdanur, Aukenova Aruzhan, Aitkalieva Nurai (40,000 tenge)
  2. “Kwarktoys” – Zhanaberdi Asem (20,000 tenge)
  3. “Paidali qoqystar” – Asanov Alisher (10,000 tenge)
    Nominations received:
    “The most creative” – “Decoplast”, Zhumabaeva Nurai, Sovetkhanova Ainaz (5000 tenge)
    “The best start” – “MIZU”, Muratbekov Nurasyl, Amir Amirali (5000 tenge)
    “Actual idea” – “Kogamdyk akyly darethana”, Samat Nurdaulet (5000 tenge)
    “The most active” – Kutumbekov Asylbek
    On the closing day of the Summer School, the participants made posters about STARTUP WEEKEND and told others about their impressions, taking third place. All projects were worthy, and each of them can change the future of the country in the future!