Students of NIS Semey study their native land

A group of students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey gathered to participate in the traditional network educational and local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”.
During the week, students visiting the historical and cultural places of our city and region, studying the history of their native land, its geographical and biological features, intend to make new discoveries.

– This project is well known to people. Our students are looking forward to the start of the expedition. The project expands the horizons of young researchers and develops research skills. This year, pupils of Shanyrak “Ertis” take part in the project, who during the year were active in educational, educational, social work and showed good results. During the week, young researchers will visit museums, visit the historical sights of our city, and make a trip to the homeland of the great Abai. In addition, various educational events are planned, – said Larisa Abylkassymova, Deputy Director for Educational Work.

The ecological and sanitary state of the city will not be left without attention. Indeed, within the framework of the project, schoolchildren will pay special attention to the issues of atmospheric air, garbage, and explore the current state of the Irtysh.

– I am glad that I became a member of the expedition. This gives me the opportunity to get acquainted with new data about the city, region. We not only conduct research within the framework of the project, but also exchange views with relevant specialists, scientists in each area of research. This will give a new impetus to our search work, – says 7th grade student Bakhtiyar Kadyshev.

By the end of the week, the results of the expedition will be discussed by the students at a conference in the TEDx format.