NIS student Semey put checkmate

A child who masters such sports as togyzkumalak, checkers, chess differs significantly from his peers. Eskendir Tursynkhan, a 7th grade student of our school, came to this conclusion while doing research work.

– I devoted my research work to the study of mind sports and called it “The influence of mind sports on the mental abilities of a person (on the example of students from the niches of the FMB in Semey)”. Observing 7th grade students, it was found that those who play togyzkumalak, checkers and chess learn information faster than others and make decisions in a short time. For a general project aimed at assessing the concentration of attention, the pace of psychomotor activity, a correction table “Landolt’s ring” was made. Supervised by subject teachers Maksat Kudageldin, Ainur Kydyrmoldina. They gave me direction in working with the literature and methods of scientific research, in creating interpretations, – says the young researcher.

Eskendir himself plays checkers and chess freely. There are many achievements in his sports career, he won prizes at city and regional competitions. Participating in the XVII republican competition of research projects and creative works “Zerde”, Eskendir took an honorable second place.