What is the effect of a Wi-Fi router on the body?

Today is hard to imagine without the Internet. We even found ourselves in a situation where we can freely enter the virtual world by placing a Wi-Fi router in our house. However, apart from the Internet, we do not know that a Wi-Fi router has a significant effect on the body.

Grade 7 students of the NIS PM in Semey Zere Baigozhina and Kamila Didarkyzy were looking for answers to this problem on a scientific basis. To do this, they conducted experiments on plants, including beans, observed the effect of Wi-Fi router radiation on its growth and development, and suggested ways of prevention.

Under the guidance of chemistry teachers Meruert Kudabekova and geography teachers Sharipa Talaspayeva, much has been done to achieve the results of the scientific project, which was launched in September last year.

– Beans were chosen for the research work of our students as a plant sensitive to radiation. Bean seeds are sown in the soil and placed at different distances from the Wi-Fi router. They monitored their vegetative organs. Pre-work forecast was fully confirmed. As a result, it was found that the radiation of the Wi-Fi router had a negative effect on the plant. In simple terms, the closer you place the plant to the Wi-Fi router, the more slowly it grows and develops. Therefore, it has a negative effect on the body. Students’ interest in change increased, they tried to find ways of prevention. The students, relying on the knowledge of scientific consultants L. Gushchina and S. Anibaev, repeated the experiment, pasting the router with concrete, a lead shield. Changes were also observed here, positive changes were revealed in the growth and development of plants in general, – says one of the scientific leaders Meruert Kudabekova.

Recently, young researchers presented their projects at the XVII republican competition “Zerde” in Shchuchinsk and won the 3rd place. According to the supervisors, our students will soon study how strong the influence of a Wi-Fi router on the human body.