Medicine from pine and fertilizers made by young researchers NIS Semey

8th grade students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey Amina Tursungalieva, Rada Kenchenbaeva, Darkhan Poezkanov, Aruzhan Makhambetova, conducted research, the results of which are important in the field of medicine, psychology, chemistry, biology. For example, the work of Amina and Rada “Ordinary pine – the best friend of a healthy person” is a topical project in the light of the current pandemic.

– The project proved the possibility of making a drug from ordinary pine. For example, syrup was made from pine leaves with honey, sugar and alcohol. Syrups are very effective in diseases of the upper respiratory tract: cough, flu and colds. It also develops human immunity. This scientific work studies the production of resins. Resin is a phytoncide against diseases of the oral cavity, stops the growth of harmful microorganisms and kills them. At the present time on the market are sold drugs similar to these syrups. In the future, our students plan to create aroma lamps with special properties, – says one of the leaders Albina Ishmukhametova.

Project of Darkhan Poezkanov and Aruzhan Makhambetova on the topic “Influence of fertilizers on the growth and yield of potatoes in the village of Vostochny. Semey ”has no analogues in our region.

– Darkhan and Aruzhan also worked very well. They determined the mathematical statistics through the Student test and gave the conclusions. The study used household organic and inorganic substances, such as egg shells, wood ash, manure and onion shells. According to the results of the study, the benefits of wood ash and egg shells were noted. Potato strawberries with the addition of these fertilizers gave a good mass. In the future, our young researchers will work on the production of a new complex of fertilizers from household fertilizers in the villages of Vostochny, Komsomolsky, Dalniy, – said the scientific leader of the guys Ainur Sadykova.

Recently, our students became the winners of the republican competition “The best author of a scientific project”, organized by the National Center for Innovative Studies “Bilim-orkenieti”. Young researchers were awarded diplomas of the I degree, diplomas, badges, and their work was included in the collection of materials.