Cognitive curatorial hours

In the 7th grade, an integrated curatorial hour took place with the subject of chemistry. Curator A. M. Seksenbaeva and A. N. Soboleva, chemistry teacher. decided to conduct a joint lesson and teach students a useful skill. Students learned how to make bath balls using available products such as baking soda, salt, citric acid, food coloring, and essential oil. In this case, it is very important to observe proportions, otherwise a completely different reaction may occur.

They not only studied the subject in practice, but this lesson contributed to team building, those who did it the first time, immediately went to help others, learned patience, support, and believed in themselves.
In the 7th grade, a curatorial hour took place together with the psychologist Zholamanova A.S. It was an interactive training session over a cup of tea and sweets, so that students could discuss topics of their concern in a relaxed atmosphere.

All questions were anonymous, students shared their views of the way out of the situation and shared advice. Those who were interested in the continuation, the psychologist called for individual consultations. The students shared tips on time management, their impressions of watched motivational videos. Ahead are scheduled events at the parallel of the 7th grade, such as creative combat, the RedX conference and festive events.