Adopting the experience of generations

Within the framework of the project “Continuity of Generations” for the 11th grade students of our school, an “Hour of Applied Decorative Arts” was held. To which the grandmothers of the students were invited: Rauiya Anuarovna, Zauresh Tabyldinovna, Maria Sadykovna, Mastura Nugimanovna. They acquainted the children with a wide range of information about the ancient crafts of the Kazakh people, noting that the manufacture of a patchwork quilt instills in a person such qualities as accuracy and patience. They talked about the intertwining of different cultures in the era of globalization. Rauiya Anuarovna presented modern techniques for making a patchwork quilt, and Zauresh Tabyldinovna told and showed her beautiful embroidery in the form of bags and a purse.

The students organized a festive concert for the guests, showing themselves creatively from different angles. The events were opened by the ensemble performed by the 11th grade kyuy Kurmangazy “Balbyrauyn”. Also Magzhan Serikbekov and Adlen Rollanuly performed the kui of Seken Turysbekov “Konil tolgyny”. Dayana Makulbaeva sang the song “Hurt”, and Daria Kairkhanova played the etude “Nocturne” on the piano.
The students showed great interest in the master class of our guests. Some of them noted that after the event their love for handicrafts increased even more. The children expressed their gratitude to the grandmothers by presenting handicrafts.

Gulmira Orunkhanova, Dinara Nurgazina
Curators of 11 grades