Silver medal from INFOMATRIX-ASIA for Aruzhan

Aruzhan Ryssaeva, a student of grade 11 of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey, won the second place in the INFOMATRIX-ASIA international competition, which was organized by the Suleiman Demirel University.

A student who participated in the «Computer Art» section prepared an animated 3D video on the topic «In the trap of WWW». The competition was held in two rounds, during which she had to present her project, answer the jury’s questions and complete a special task to build 3D graphics, defending her project.

– The goal of my project is to educate primary school students about the importance of cybersecurity. Because today it has been noticed that people are not serious about hacker attacks through Trojans and other viruses in their daily use of services. This attitude can lead to serious different dangers. 3D animation made in Adobe premier rush and Lumion 8.0 programs calls for preventing such situations and taking seriously your cybersecurity, says Aruzhan Ryssaeva.
INFOMATRIX is an international computer project competition designed to bring together the best students in the information technology field.

– We have many talented students. They win various competitions and Olympiads. This time, luck was on the side of Aruzhan. Thanks to her knowledge, she not only won a medal, but also received a fifty percent discount on tuition at the Suleiman Demirel University. I consider her victory in the international competition, which has been held since 2013, to be a great achievement, ”says the student’s supervisor, computer science teacher Dinara Yesmagambetova.
In the future, we expect even greater victories for Aruzhan.

Press service of the NIS PM, Semey