Meeting with a social entrepreneur

According to the already established good tradition, the schoolchildren, within the framework of the “Smart Thursday” project, met with Yerkezhan Tursynbaeva, a social entrepreneur in Semey, the founder of the massage club “Erketay” and a social studio. She is also a member of the school of social entrepreneurship in Ust-Kamenogorsk, chairman of the community of women’s initiatives of NGO “NietWoman” in Semey, representative of the NGO “Baitak Bolashak” in the East Kazakhstan region, founded by public figure Olzhas Suleimenov, member of a group of entrepreneurs and a member of the Club of Business Women in Semey … We have received answers to all questions of interest, in particular, what is social entrepreneurship, how does a social entrepreneur differ from a “simple” entrepreneur.
It turned out that this is a business that is aimed at solving social problems: helping people, caring for the environment, caring for seriously ill people, providing work for disabled people, orphans, pensioners, refugees. At the heart of social entrepreneurship is the manifestation ofinitiative in solving the problems of socially vulnerable categories of the population. Social entrepreneurship is not charity. This type of business is aimed at financial sustainability through the provision of services or the sale of goods. At the beginning of the meeting, the guest told about herself, about how she came to this field of activity. The event was motivational, every word of the guest sounded like a slogan for action. She talked about her working day, how she manages to keep up with everything, about the traditions that have developed in her family. Yerkezhan was the owner of the business, but once having visited a forum for women, having heard the problems of mothers with many children, she decided to link her business with the help of women. After all, the main goal of social entrepreneurs is not profit, but primarily to help those in need.
– Of course, on this path she had to face many difficulties, but she never lost heart and went to her goal. – Success is made up of mistakes, I also made a lot of mistakes, but this served as a powerful lesson and motivation for me. I love life very much, I try to live in the moment and I urge you to be grateful every day, ”she says.
In addition, Yerkezhan is a coach and helps women who find themselves in difficult life situations: he teaches, helps them find a job, also works with their psychological attitudes – teaches them to think positively and the technique of setting goals, the correct allocation of their time. Our guest shared her favorite books, some of which she re-read several times. She devotes every free minute in her busy schedule to reading and development. This greatly delighted the participants in the meeting. Everyone got her energy and positiveness. The guest that evening also shared the Japanese Yagikai technique, her ideas about the basic skills of a leader.
According to her, you should not dream 15 years of your life, if you have a dream, then you need to start acting! She shared a technique for planning and setting goals, listing goals in one column and dreams in the other. At the end of the meeting, all its participants thanked the guest – a leader, a patriot who loves his city and his country, for an interesting and informative conversation.

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