Network Stage Winners

So the competition of scientific projects among the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” has come to an end. The projects were defended online, using the Microsoft Teams platform, young scientists were able to present their research to the jury. And they were also able to get feedback from professors and doctors of science, they answered online all questions asked on the topic of projects.

This year, over 200 projects from all branches of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools were presented to the jury. It was not so easy for the representatives of the jury to select the best projects from the proposed ones, since all projects touch upon the pressing problems of society, they investigated very topical topics today. And their novelty is simply amazing. Nevertheless, the members of the commission managed to select 95 prize projects.

Students from our school were also among the winners; these are five projects. The project of 10th grade students Yasmina Bekeova and 11th grade student Rakhanova “Features of the functioning of the emoji language in network communication” under the leadership of A. Bodeev won the second prize. The third prize was awarded to the projects “Biogas Plant” of 10th grade pupils Aibek Bolatbekov and Adlen Rollanuly (leaders: A.Andakaeva, R. : A. Suleimenova, B. Orynbaev, S. Anibaev), a project on mathematical modeling of the operation of a wind turbine of a vertical type of 12th grade students Sagidolla Kudaibergenov and Nurtileu Erezhepova (leaders: S. Mametreeva, A. Andakaeva, S. Anibaev) and the project “Restoration of the Earth’s ozone layer” 10th grade pupils Magzhan Serikbekov and Dias Maratov (leaders: R. Smagulova, Sh. Talaspaeva, S. Anibaev). Ahead of our students will participate in testing the first round of the third stage of the republican competition. We wish you good luck and believe in our students!

Press service