Traveling to the land of the great

One of the best traditions in the dormitory of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey is to travel to the land of the Great people – Zhidebay. The main goal is to get more information about the native, grown-up, life and creativity of our three great people – Shakarim, Abai and Mukhtar, who enriched our students spiritually.

From Semipalatinsk, a bus carrying Zhidebay to the ground is also coming. Most of the passengers are students of our 7th grade. High grade students are few. Not every single one of us has seen the earth, but each of our little ones is able to imagine his own home.

Educators cared for Abai’s quiz questions about Abai, who longed for a long way of spiritual and cognitive trips. The answer was rewarded with small prizes.

Our first stop is the Kushikbay crossing. The educators told us why the cross was called Kushikbai, and who was interested in historical facts about the general Kushikbai. Overall, the Kushikbay pass is a horseback and breathtaking place for passengers on board. Our students here drank water from the sacred spring.

– The idea of bringing hostel educators to the country where they were born was born on the eve of the previous academic year. Our goal is to help our students grow spiritually. Today the world is familiar with the works of Abai. The philosophical ideas of our ancestor Shakarim are a legacy of the human race. Abai is a world-renowned figure, Mukhtar Auezov. There is no doubt that every student who has come to the hometown of those three scholars will change their attitude towards life in the future. At the same time, we are only taking place in this sacred place for the Grade 7 students. We see this as a model of upbringing, “says dormitory educator Muhammed Zhenisovich.

Dormitory educators may have reached their destination. Because the students who stopped at the museum-house of Mukhtar Auezov in Borily could not conceal their impressions and put their questions to the museum staff one by one.

– I have come to this region for the first time. I liked it very much. Only one of these museums was full of valuable information about Mukhtar. One of the most interesting things I’ve been interested in is why this place is called Borily. The brilliance is the name given to the large number of wolves. Also known as “Akadyr”, “Karadyr”, where the writer’s work “Kokserek” is located in this region, – said Dana Aitkalieva, 7th grade student.

Abai’s Jidebay museum-house is another cultural and spiritual site where the students are interested. Pupils, who came to the threshold of the Museum, listened to guide of the museum of the Kazakh poet and listened to the genealogy of their descendants. Thus, the nomadic Kazakh community was in the last Abai epoch.

“It is my second visit to this land. I was here in my childhood 6 years ago. It does not come as a surprise. Now that I’m frustrated, I’ll be amazed at what I see. Our educational program has an epic “Abai’s way”. As we read that book, we learned about the names of the places we met and the details about the people from this museum. It was a great lesson for me, “says Turar Kametai student of the 11th grade.

The excursion for Abai and Shakarim Mausoleum was held at the Amphitheater for students who worshiped the spirit of giants. Students read Abai’s poems. Head of hostel Kalzhan Omarbaeva, senior pupils handed over their best wishes to the newcomers of the dormitory.

– I think every Kazakh child should come here. It is a sacred place that brought a new impetus to Kazakh art and literature. It is the basis of our literature and the first theater touches it. For the first time, I hear about Zhidebai. Listening and seeing were two different things. We thank the educators who organized the event, “says Adel Dauambayeva.

During the event at the amphitheater the 7th grade pupils were distributed badges written the poems of Abai. The words from this badge will be translated into Russian and English in the coming days. Also, as in the past year, each class will have educational hours. Our journey to the native land was successfully completed and the disciples enjoyed rich spiritual education.

Press service of “Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey”