Industrial «Aktobe»

Aktobe region is well known for whole Kazakhstan not only for its historical objects, but also for its well developed infrastructure, service and entertainment centers. One of such buildings is a large sport center called “Zhekpe-Zhek”, which we have visited today. The head administrator of “Zhekpe Zhek” told us about the achievements of the center, about recent tournaments and future plans for the successful development of all facilities for sportsman. There are several kinds of martial arts such as karate, judo, kazakh wrestling, sambo and so on. Young students are so passionate about their choice and they are all well trained because of highly qualified specialists.
In addition, Shamil Gaidanovich is the chairman of the production cooperative “Nectar”, which has been operating in the construction market of Aktobe for more than 23 years. In 2008, for his social responsibility, charitable, active social activities, a significant contribution to the construction and opening of the pre-school organization of the new model “Nur-Sat” was awarded the title “Person of the Year of Aktobe region”. Exactly taking his working, we visited some construction in order to show the infrastructure and development of the city.
Actually “Nectar” is one of the most famous private construction companies in the city and the largest housing developer in Aktobe. Over the period since 2006, the company has built more than a thousand apartments for Aktobe residents, and the total area of all buildings erected by them from 2004 to the present has reached 172,000 square meters. The houses built by this company are distinguished by a special beauty, comfort, quality.
The first point in the trip was eight porch house, where there are 110 apartments. The “Nectar”is usually dealt with 8 flats, however this year they’ve planned to give only 5 finished construction. Providing the details, brigade, which consists of 14-15 people often spends 3.5 month for whole 5 floored apartment. In such building there are several kindergarten with technical equipment and euro repair.
The last point of current day’s trip was well-known stadium named after Kobylandy Batyr. This object is distinguishable by its territory and spacious hall. Even tribune attracts us by the sign “Aktobe”. The team demonstrated full readiness and strong energy. Samat, a former player of the football team and our countryman was very happy to see us. He gave the ball with autographs of all team members. This quivering moment was remembered in our hearts because the city seems more and more incredible and people are so friendly.
The city appeared on the new side because today our tour proved the reason why Aktobe should the next megalopolis. This day made a huge contribution to know more about how city develops rapidly and tries to achieve its goals to make all the comfort for local citizens.

Guldariya Zharkynbekova
Student NIS FMN Semey