Held conversation with school graduate

On October 11, the school hosted a Skype-meeting of high school students with a school graduate of the year 2018, Ibrayev Tengiz, who is now a student in New York University in Abu Dhabi, faculty of ‘Physics’. Tengiz told us about his current education and student life.
At the beginning of the conversation, Tengiz shared his enrollment experience with us. We discussed in detail the requirements of the University, as it turned out, along with academic achievements, the quality of the letter of motivation in which you need to reveal yourself as a person is also very important. Then he told what subjects he had chosen to study in the first semester, and he noted that the knowledge and skills he received in our school were very useful to him and turned out to be important.
Thanks to the policy and vision of the University, Tengiz, who chose Physics as its main specialty, is now studying various subjects that have interested him for a long time, for example, cartography and marketing. The fact, which is worth mentioning, is that five students out of 13 students from Kazakhstan, who got a full grant for studying at the University, are from our city Semey.
Throughout the whole conversation, the students had the opportunity to ask their graduate questions on various topics, starting with passing international exams and ending with adaptation to the climate of Arabic country. It was very interesting to hear about the fact that the students have cards with virtual money that can only be used within the campus of the university and that the neighbors living with him are the students from all over the world.
In conclusion, Tengiz said that he missed the school so much because he had spent so many years in NIS and promised to visit us in December.

Aruzhan Tursynkhanova, 11 ‘C’ grade student