The second season of the summer school

The entire teaching staff of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the City of Semey is always happy to share knowledge with everyone who does not get tired of getting knowledge during the summer holidays. June 11, the summer school of the second season for students of secondary schools of the city began its work. In the second season, almost 81 students of grades 3-8 enrolled in order to improve their knowledge of English, to improve their vocabulary, and to master the skills of assembling robots and developing mobile applications from all schools.
The group of organizers of the summer school made every effort to surprise the children this time, a theatrical performance was organized with the participation of favorite cartoon characters. Students immediately recognized “Masha and the Bear”, as well as “Pig’s Pig”, they all repeated their warm-up for them and enjoyed repeating the movements of the incendiary dance with pleasure. After presentation of the leaders of each group, the students received assignments to draw a favorite cartoon character. Among them were Cheburashka, Rapunzel, Batman and several Sponges of Beans, as well as Kolobok. All students very much liked this contest, the main purpose of which was to introduce children to each other. The drawings of the children were very cheerful and were painted with bright colors. After presenting their drawings, the students went for a festive breakfast.
After academic English courses, robotics and mobile application development, students went on creative courses on interests.
After the creative courses, all the groups went to an entertainment event organized by foreign teachers where each group had to come up with its flag and motto. The students liked this event very much where they got into the environment of native speakers, and were happy to come up with various interesting mottos. According to our fair jury, the team “Chivalrous hippos” won the 3 rd place, the 2nd place was given to the small participants of the “Clever yaguars” of the 3rd and 4th grades, the “Wild” group got the motto and the flag of which was remembered by all the participants of this event. During the survey, all participants noted that they liked the present day, which could be seen by their smiling and joyful faces. On the question “Were there any sad moments in this day?”, The students unanimously answered that there were no such moments. Well, the counselors of the summer school will make efforts to ensure that every day the children pass useful and exciting, and this summer remains in their memory a warm and joyful memory. We are sure that in the next days of the summer school will be held on this positive wave. After all, there is nothing more valuable in the world of children’s smiles! Our main task is to give children not only knowledge, but also help to find new, loyal friends!

Aklima Seksenbaeva,