The game – a real life for the child

As the great Russian teacher V. Sukhomlinsky said: “Children should live in a world of beauty, play, fairy tales, music, drawing, imagination, creativity”, only by developing children in a diversified manner can we create a harmonious personality. Guided by this principle, the creative staff of the summer school is doing everything possible to ensure that every day spent in the walls of our school was a special, filled with activities for the development of creativity, handicrafts, sports.
Daily morning warm-up and dance, not only raise children’s mood in the morning, but also promotes health, strengthens the relationship between children. On this day, the morning warm-up was especially fun, because at the end all the groups received sweets. Sweet prizes went to children for their active participation in yesterday’s game, organized by foreign teachers. The leaders received prizes, honestly divided them among the children, which caused very great joy among the children. There was an atmosphere of positive and good. On this day the counselors consisting of NIS students of the FMN of Semey. They played the game with several groups, there were speed assignments that required both physical strength and speed of reaction, as well as intellectual skills. The students were ready to compete, and they happily performed tasks at the stations.
The main goal of the trainings organized by foreign teachers is the rallying of children in the group, team building and leadership. In English lessons, the students of the younger group repeated the names of the flowers, as well as the names of the animals. For each correct answer, they received a paper with a picture of the bill, thereby the students showed their knowledge in the field of economics, happily counting paper money. After the trainings, the team “Fantastic tigers” was recognized as the most cohesive, active and fastest.
Work at creative circles also goes on at a great pace. Teachers of the sewing circle celebrate different preparation of students, some of them can make several fakes per day, and there are children who do not know how to use scissors or a needle. With these students, the teacher spends more time explaining and demonstrating work several times.
On the course of robotics students develop modules “Kegelring” and “Sumo”. Learn to create robots, using various programs and devices. Also develop command programs for optimal control of robots. A contest was organized between 3 teams. The content of the course “Robotics” requires sufficient awareness and knowledge in such subjects as: computer science, mathematics, physics. This course is in great demand in modern society, as well as managed machines are being introduced into all spheres of our life. In addition, work on the course requires the student to have a lot of patience and logical thinking. The students of this course have learned how to manage the robot LEGO Mindstorms EV3, the management environment for the robot’s side LEGO Mindstorms EV3.
On the mugs “Contemporary Dances” and “VIA” there is a preparation of numbers for the closing of the summer school.
AS Makarenko notes the huge role of the game in the development of the child, and he also has a saying about the role of the teacher in the game. “As a teacher, I also have to play with the children, if I’m just an outside observer, I can not establish contact with them. Children will not trust me. I actively play with children at all games and demand this from my colleagues. ” The counselors and the creative group do not get tired to invent fascinating games and tasks, and do everything for the fun pastime of children in the summer school. Students are still waiting for a lot of surprises and fun tasks in the next week of the summer school. After all, the main reward is grateful smiles of children!

Aкlima Seksenbaeva,