Summer school students came to the TV program

On the 2nd of June, 3rd day, summer school students were surprised with the surprises. Daily morning tiring exercises continued with the lessons of each child focused on their curiosity. On this day they have robotics, English language skills, sewing, ceramic workshop and painting. Among them there was a great interest in the ceramics workshop. We can say that there is no such workshop in educational institutions other than the Intellectual School in our city. The pupils learned about the ceramic products at the workshop and were interested in the benefits and benefits of the made-up products. Also, they listened to interesting facts about the history of ceramic art in ancient times.
One of the main goals of the summer school responsible teachers is to contribute to improving students’ health. In this regard, sporting events are also included in the plan. According to today’s schedule, children play soccer in a green field and have been hit by volleyball. Those who love regular movement have learned modern dance under the supervision of the dance boss at our school. Technical modeling, learning to play a guitar instrument is one of the coolest courses for students.
– The time of the year is the anticipation of the children. We try to spend a lot of time on this holiday and spend a lot of time on this holiday. However, I think the benefits of taking a breath are great. I graduated from the 5th grade of secondary school № 22 in the city. I wanted to make a two-week event at this school a day earlier and to complete my education. I do not regret coming back. On the contrary, I find new friends and take an interesting lesson, course, event. I like it very much. Enriching our linguistic resources through conversations with foreign teachers, “says Anel Bakash.
On this day of our summer school, the creative team of the city’s “SemeI” TV channel visited us. They got acquainted with the summer school, talked with teachers and students. When they heard that they were broadcasting on TV, the students took an active part in the active participation of foreign teachers. Some interviewees also interviewed. In the future, a video about the summer school will be broadcasted by the channel’s “Towns and Cities” program.

Aklima Seksenbaeva,