The campaign “Support the village school!” was held at a high level

On May 28, the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools organized a campaign called ” Support the village school ” organized by the republic. The event, aimed at providing material and moral help to remote rural schools, was launched in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Intellectual School.
According to this, the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey went to the Prirechnoye general secondary school in Prirechnoe village. According to school principal Vera Tikhomolova, more than 200 children are currently enrolled in the educational institution of the village. There is also a mini-center for children at the school.
Director of the School of the staff of the intellectual school Bagdan Kairzhanov he went from village teacher colleagues and students in the republic was held Speaking about the significance of the shares, the intellectual life of today’s schools and share the latest news.
– The main purpose of our visit is to share with you. Thereby achieving high quality education and high results. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Intellectual Schools in our country. We have achieved a lot in this transitional period. Our President N.A. Nazarbayev often speaks about the future of Kazakhstan with educated youth. Therefore, you need to create conditions for your learning. Today, 100 seedlings of flowers, the room you stand, about 300 different sports fiction books, 15 balls, 3D printers. All this is a reflection of the Nation’s Leading Role in the implementation of the “Spiritual Renaissance” program, Bagdan Tokhtamysovich presented to them gifts.
The total shares NIS 20 rural schools within the framework of Intellectual 6 875 pieces of art collected by the students and teachers of the schools and the growing scientific literature, students AEO 2 000 seedlings of flowers, the room centers (OBO, CPS, CPM), 860 pieces of methodological guidance for teachers 20 3D printer, 20 booths and 300 sports balls were donated by Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools students in Almaty.
Intellectual school teachers colleagues for the visit of the Prirechnoye general secondary school held master classes on various topics with their peers, members of the Board of “leaders” organized actitvities.
On the same day methodological consultations will be organized for the teachers of rural schools in the republic in the content of updated content and criteria-based assessment, teaching methods and techniques. More than 500 master classes were held in all disciplines within the framework of consultations.
During the event, the general director of secondary schools Prirechnoye Vera Tikhomolov a close relationship between the two schools is set at the beginning of the last academic year, the shares have noted Intellectual arranged by the schools, the teachers, the students expressed their sincere gratitude to the leadership. He expressed confidence that further development of bilateral relations will continue.
At the end of the word, “Kazzinc” created 300 sports sponsorship to buy the ball, and the development of national values of “honor” private foundation and a well-known journalist Bibiguli Zheksenbai, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Business World” Astana Publishing 1 204 pieces of art donated to rural schools.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School Press Service