TEDX conference’s

Тhe first city TEDX conference’s purpose is sharing unique and actual ideas.  I started to participate in this conference since I was in 7th grade, because I was curious about the concept of this project.
Then I realized that it was a chance for me to express my opinion in front of the public. This is a great experience in showing your oratorical skills and just an excellent chance to test yourself on a big stage. I’m grateful for that, because now I can share my thoughts with other students and have a big conversation about certain topics.
A while ago there was a city conference about modernization the society’s consciousness by the program of “Spiritual Enlightenment”. We talk about “THE FUTURE OF KAZAKHSTAN IS IN OUR HANDS”  with students from social partners’ schools. There were students from School №39 – Kabitova Aknur, Zhumataeva Balzhan; from School №25 – Baizhumanova Diana, Sidorina Irina; from NIS – Temirkhanov Talant, Sultanbek Asanali, Toktargazin Adlet and I. This experience was the most exciting, because I was worrying about my “ordinary” speech and I though it wasn’t perfect enough. Some speakers’ speech was very quick or with many stammers. I think, that is the main mistake: if you can’t overcome your fear and anxiety it will crush your chances and dreams. At the end, Larisa Oralbaevna – the Principal’s Deputy of Education was thankful for participants and gave the certificates with presents for the most active students.
In a conclusion Mr. Edmund said: “The most essential thing in this conference is to get into the mind of the listener with your idea and give him an inspiration”. If you want to achieve this goal you should work hard and overcome all your fears. That’s why you should participate in different projects, improve your skills and don’t worry about your mistakes. After all, doing mistakes is better than nothing, because it means that you’re endeavor to achieve your dream.

Binura Аskarkizy
Shanyrak «Аlаsh»