This year, our country’s television has been celebrating its 60th anniversary. During this time, he has become a great power for the development of information, spiritual, cultural, socio-economic programs and TV. The Kazakh television stations, which have a positive assessment of honest viewers, have a strong presence in all regions of the country. One of them, the Semey TV studio founded in 1965. At that time, the same studios were only in Almaty, Karaganda and Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Leadership and students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey visited the Semey Branch of RTRC “Kazakhstan” and congratulated it.
Arsen Bektasov, the director of the TV channel, welcomed the guests and told about the channel’s present breath.
– Since the transplant of our channel to Latin in the last 1 year, the process of our public service has changed a lot. New programs have been created, and cognitive information, which gives a broad range of information about the city and region. We will not forget the spectators will do. For example, a new program called “Star of the East” was released. Taking into account that there are thousands of talented youth in Semey, we aim to introduce to the public the next generation of art, sports, education and science. Besides, the programs “Salem, Semipalatinsk”, “The Law of Abundance”, “The Game of Life”, “Sana and Sapa” are estimated from the people. It’s worth noting that we have renovated our studios that have remained unchanged over the last few years. All of this is our victory over a short period of time. In the near future, we will have to broadcast our TV to the territory of Kazakhstan by connecting the satellite to Otau TV. Our main work is to provide quality products to our viewers and to take into account their requirements. From this point of view, we look forward to ideas and suggestions from the Intellectual School students you are learning. We are always ready to provide information support, “Arsen Aldazharovich said.
School principal Bagdan Kairzhanov and deputy director on educational work Larisa Abylkasymova congratulated the owners of the jubilee,  head of the TV channel, and thanked the members of the “Leadership Council” with the beautiful memories of their contemporaries.
During the conversation, Larisa Oralbayevna told about the work of the TED club, which is of particular interest among schoolchildren. The parties agreed to develop a new intellectual program for schoolchildren with the club’s work and to promote it at the city level through the SemeI TV channel.
At the end, the pupils walked through the TV channel and took memorable pictures with the Deputy Director of the TV channel Yerzhan Zhakyp.

Yermek Issabayev,
Press Center of NIS Semey