Our children

Social project of shanyrak “Araltobe”. The idea to somehow help the “Specialized Children’s Home of the city of Semey” has been brewing for a very long time. Shanyrak students in the first half of the year actively participated in charity fairs at the school in order to collect the necessary amount for assistance. The purpose of this project is to teach students mercy and responsibility towards relatives and friends. The main goal is to provide not only material, but also moral support, the manifestation of kindness and warmth, love.

– Thanks to this project, we began to appreciate what we have even more, we are very grateful to our parents, who do everything for our well-being. What seems ordinary for some of my peers is a dream for others, – says 7th grade student Aida Oralkhanova.

We are grateful for the assistance rendered to the parents of shanyrak. State assistance and support is not always enough, so we express our gratitude to those people who decided to help from the bottom of their hearts and without further ado. This is certainly not our last action. Let every child have a family!