Young researchers of NIS Semey solved the problem of the drainage system

The project of two students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey took second place at the All-Russian Olympiad of Research Projects “Man-Earth-Space” in Korolev, Moscow Region (Russia). The jury highly appreciated the project of the 10th grade students Kymbat Baisapina and Nurai Zhanatbekkyzy “Drainage system and road eco-infrastructure of a modern city”. Young researchers started working on this topic two years ago.

– The reason for the launch of the project was the situation on the streets of our city. It’s no secret that when it rains, we see that the streets of Semey are flooded. Even in the central streets, such as A. Tanirbergenov, Glinka, Selevina, Kabanbay batyr, Abay, Sh. Karzhaubayuly, there is this problem. This, in turn, not only spoils the asphalt, but also creates certain inconveniences for pedestrians and drivers. In this regard, we intend to develop a model of a drainage system and environmental infrastructure that will prevent the accumulation of rain and melt water along city roads, prevent damage to asphalt and allow for the improvement of the territory, – said Nurai Zhanatbekkyzy.

The objects of study of Kymbat and Nurai were the road, drainage system, soil, rainwater, landscaping, wind energy. The area of Karagaily was taken as the object of study for the design of the drainage system and for mathematical calculations. There is stagnant rainwater in this area. The 3D diagram was created using SketchUp.

– If you pay attention to the operation of the drainage system, then first of all, rainwater passes through the holes in the curb, which is then discharged into the ditch through the connecting pipe and collected in a horizontal tank. With the power generated by the wind generator, the rainwater collected inside this tank is pumped into a vertical tank. We can use the rainwater from the vertical tank to green the roadside area by drip irrigation. In order to ensure safety, it is planned to install motion sensors on the sidewalk, illuminate the road from both sides, – said Kymbat Baysapina.

Thus, a unique model of the drainage system and road infrastructure of the city was developed. It is economical and environmentally friendly. Young scientists claim that the project can be launched in any city.