“Two Stars” were chosen in NIS Semey

Our school hosted a song contest “Two Stars”. As part of the 100 Songs network project, six couples took part in a creative competition aimed at popularizing Kazakh songs and strengthening ties between students, parents and the school. Not only students, teachers, employees, but also parents took part in the competition.

– This is one of the most popular competitions, so we traditionally hold it. In general, more than 10 couples wished to take part. However, due to health and family reasons, some of our candidates were unable to participate. The jury included laureates and diploma winners of republican and international festivals. The jury members evaluated the participants and chose a talented couple, – said the organizer of the event, Aisulu Baratova.

Such popular songs as “Armandastar”, “Altynym”, “Mekenim Kazakhstan”, “Sarzhailau” and others were performed at the competition. The songs were performed in live sound to the backing track, as well as accompanied by such instruments as zhetygen and button accordion.

As a result of the competition, the main prize was awarded to the English teacher Asel Duysenbayeva and the student of the 7th “A” class Malika Tlesh. 1st place was won by Diana Kanatbek, a student of the 9th “K” class, and her grandfather Marat Bulanbaev. 2nd place was taken by Ayanur Kanatkyzy and Gulbaram Mustafina, students of the 12th “K” class, 3rd place was taken by Aiym Tanirbergen, a student of the 8th “K” class and Karlygash Yessimbekova, an English teacher. The rest of the participants were awarded in various categories.

During the awards ceremony, school director Bagdan Kairzhanov thanked the parents and teachers who supported the children who wished to participate in the competition.