Museum of Local Lore visited NIS

Specialists of the Regional Museum of Local Lore in Semey visited students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools with traveling exhibitions. The children were able not only to listen to lectures on the topics of the brought exhibitions, but also to see and touch the exhibits. Museum specialists told the schoolchildren about the history of their native city, the nature of the region, the history of the Alash movement. During the conversations, the children were told about the history of ancient buildings, historical sites, the diversity of flora and fauna of the region, endangered species of animals, and much more.

– When we come to this or that school, the guys listen to us with interest, ask questions, are interested in certain events and dates. It is very important to know the history of the area where we live. Also, the guys touch the exhibits with interest and pleasure, the girls try on jewelry, the boys look at horse equipment. We are happy to communicate with the younger generation and believe that such trips to schools play an important upbringing and educational role,” said Altynai Abylkasimova, head of the mass excursion department