Give children joy

On the eve of the New Year, the traditional New Year’s action “Give joy to children!” The organizers of this social action were parents and students, curators A.M. Seksenbaeva. and Zhakeeva G.B. shanyraks “Tanbaly tas” and “Khan Tengri”.

The aim of the action is to collect New Year’s bags for the needy children of the city of Semey. Not all parents are able to give a sweet bag to their children, there are always almost 350 children applications, we were able to reach 85 children.The students themselves went and bought 85 pieces separately, and also bought sweets to their taste. Then, at school, the bags were already collected.

Everyone was tired, but satisfied with the work done together. The most important thing is the anticipation of joy on the faces of children who will receive gifts. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the action and contributed any amount for charity. We wish all families prosperity and prosperity in the New Year! Let your goodness come back to you like a boomerang! Thank you for making the world a better place!