Gave the kids warmth

The first stage of the Bakyt Kushagynda project has come to an end. Since the beginning of this academic year, we have attracted sponsors, teachers and parents, held a charity fair and with the funds received we managed to buy hyppolallergenic wool yarn. After that, our good fairies, teachers, parents, as well as some students began to knit warm kits for children born prematurely. The beneficial properties of woolen sets have already been scientifically proven, they warm, and also prevent babies from falling asleep and allow them to breathe and eat in time.

Most often these are babies from 900 grams to 1800 grams. Upon reaching 2 kg, they are discharged, but woolen sets remain with them as a keepsake. This time we presented 29 sets, consisting of a cap, undershirts and socks.This idea is certainly not new, all over the world there are clubs “28 loops” of good fairies, and people with a good heart.All kits were washed and treated with quartz so as not to harm the immunity of newborns.We express our deep gratitude to the chemistry teacher Mr. Marcel Fulgencio for the sponsorship provided, to all teachers and parents, especially the teachers of additional education Kalamkas Amangazinovna and Gulmira Amirbekovna, who managed to find time in their busy schedule and do a good deed. Your time is well spent, your kits keep your little ones warm! If you know how to knit, we ask you to join our charitable social project and give a piece of warmth to the kids!

Aklima Seksenbaeva,