“Hearts will open for good …”

Within the framework of a social and charitable project, on November 19, 2021, pupils of the Maraldy, Altai, and Alash Arystary shanyraks conducted a training on acquaintance: “Hearts will open for good …” values, the formation of stable moral qualities, needs, feelings, skills and habits of behavior on the basis of practical activity.

This event was attended by 16 children of the “Aygolek” group and six students of the NIS PM in Semey. The acquaintance began with the game “Call a friend”, as a result of which the guys got to know each other better, interesting and funny games were also held: “Fruit Salad”, “Mouse House”, “Spoiled Phone” and “Smiley”.

The guys noted that most of all they liked the games: “House of the Mouse” and “Spoiled Phone”, which contributed to the rapprochement and emancipation of relations between them. At the end of the training, the children expressed their emotions with various emoticons, and presented each other with gifts prepared in advance.

In every student of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, it is important to lay those human qualities that make it possible to grow not only an intellectual, but also a spiritually rich personality. Intellect plus character, in which moral foundations are embedded, is the goal of education today.