Conference “World after Quarantine”

Within the walls of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Semey, a TEDx + GIN conference on the topic “The World after Quarantine” was held, where each student could share his own ideas and thoughts on a particular problem. The conference was attended by 19 students who viewed problems from different angles.

Each speaker shared his unique idea regarding 4 main topics: “How the pandemic affected the environment”, “How to increase environmental literacy among schoolchildren”, “Health against quarantine”, “Combating domestic violence”. Thanks to their ability to correctly express their thoughts and colorful presentations, the participants were able to describe the essence of global problems. The speakers managed to share their ideas with the audience, thereby developing their speaking and oratory skills. In addition, the speakers prepared and found a huge amount of facts confirming their opinions, which also helped to improve the skills of analyzing information and draw certain conclusions. For example, some speakers stressed the need to develop environmental literacy in Kazakhstan and named ways to improve the environmental situation. Despite the technical problems that arose, the conference was a success. The children liked the conference, because they received a charge of positive emotions. After the performances came to an end, the conference participants were given certificates, and those whose performances were the best were awarded nominations.

Undoubtedly, everyone’s life has changed to some extent during the COVID-2019 pandemic, and in order to identify problems and the main ways to solve them, the two organizations GIN and TedX collaborated and held an event to solve global problems.

GIN and TedX Clubs