All the best for children

Sharing good has become an integral part of the activities of students and their parents, teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Semey. Since the beginning of the school year, many charity events and projects have been held to support children from low-income families. This time, our students decided to please the children from the Children’s Home with gifts.

– I would like to note that as soon as you throw a cry for a charity event, students and parents respond with great pleasure and get involved in its implementation. This time it was the same. Special thanks to the parenting committee of the 9 “A” class and Asem Zhakypbekkyzy for the organized help and support. Pupils of Shanyrak “Tolagai”, 7 “B”, 7 “K”, 9 “A” grades and volunteers of the club “NIS Teacher Volunteers” took an active part. As a result of the action, toys, stationery – everything that was considered necessary in the administration of the Children’s Home was purchased with the funds raised, – says the teacher-curator Aulima Seksenbaeva.

As part of the social action for the orphanage pupils, sets were purchased for the development of fine motor skills, logic and speaking, these are three Lego tables, one Busy house, stationery, watercolors, and 16 outfits. 69 children are being brought up in the city “House of the Child”, 39 of whom live here on a permanent basis. Students and parents of the school are always ready to support children left without parental love and give them a little joy and a smile! Because there are no other people’s children. After all, we all live in one state and must support each other: school students know and respect the values of the school!

Press service of NIS PM, Semey