New club IQUp NISS created

In the NIS FMN of Semey, in the new academic year, on the initiative of the students, the IQUp NISS club was organized. The chairman of the club is Elzhana Oralgaziyeva, student of the 12th grade.

Initially, the project was conceived as just intellectual games.  Among them are games such as Quizbowl, Brainring, Trivia, etc.  But later, having discussed and modified a little, we decided to make a project aimed at different types of knowledge.  At the moment, we are planning such projects as training and conducting debates in the Karl Popper format (a type of debate for beginners), webinars and articles on our Instagram page with useful information for students. But intellectual games will be the very foundation of the club, a feature of the project.  Participation in mind games helps to develop the so-called “4K competencies”: communication, teamwork, critical thinking and creativity.

Our first game took place between 10th grade students.  The game was attended by 4 teams, each of which was able to demonstrate their erudition.  This time, the most erudite was the Hey Jarvis team of the 10 “D” class. There are plans to organize games for the entire school staff with the involvement of not only students, but also teachers and parents.

After all, the intellectual movement is an amazing institute for the development of soft skills. In the game, participants learn to express and criticize thoughts, work in a team, are forced to take responsibility for the result, in a short time frame. After all, these are the main qualities that successful people should have in order to achieve their goals.

 Organizers and members of the IQUp club