Respect for the older generation

In Semey, the 11th grade students of “Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Physics and Mathematics” in Semey in honor of the International Day of the Older Persons and as part of the “Continuity of generations” project held an event called “Day of Goodness and Respect”.

The event was attended by students, teachers as well as pensioners invited as guests. The meeting was held in a free communicative format. The students presented to the audience their concert program and shared stories about own grandparents. Later, the guests answered questions from young people and shared valuable advice. At the end of the event, the students presented gifts to the guests.

“Today I am pleased to be a guest of such a wonderful event. Our children have shown good reputation as a student of the Intellectual School. In the future, I am sure that among this younger generation there will be a real nationality that can support our country’s development. We are grateful to everyone”, said one of the guests, Mukhtarbek Karimov.

The project “Continuity of generations” increases the responsibility of each student of the Intellectual School to care for elderly people. We must not only respect our ancestors this day, but also remember to take care of them constantly. Today we had a wonderful conversation with with people having a rich life experience. For this reason, the project “Continuity of Generations” will not be limited to today’s event”, said 11th grade student Madi Zheldybayev.

Our parents, who received the blessings from older generation, noted that they would continue to honor the elderly in the future.

Press Service NIS Ph&Math in Semey