Initiation of 7th grade students

On September 7, the psychologists and 7th grade curators organized the event named “The Initiation of Nazarbayev Intellectual School students”. “NIS initiation” is traditional, which is held annually at NIS within the framework of the psychological and pedagogical adaptation program for 7th grades. Here, the students can show their creative abilities, the ability to work together in a team. Particularly, the 7th grades parents’ participation and support during the holiday is significant and important.

The 7th grade students together with their parents gathered on the school sports field. At the beginning of the holiday, each class prepared its own mottos and presented them to the audience. During the holiday, the curators were also asked to pass the creative testing called “The expression of love for their class”. Each class actively supported their curators by applauding them. The holiday continued with various games that were aimed at team work. In the second part of the holiday, the Deputy Director for educational work L.O.Abylkasimova and the parents congratulated the students. At the end of the event, the students launched balloons into the sky by making a wish.

The festive day was significant for each student, which also impressed greatly and put in a good mood. We wish success to our newly accepted students!!! The most interesting and exciting events are ahead! Let’s gain the knowledge!!!

Psychological service