Evening dedicated to the Day of National Unity

There is a wonderful proverb in our nation: “Without unity there is no life”. More than 130 nationalities and nations living in our country in peace and harmony attract the attention of the international community. Our main wealth is the unity of the people. It is important to inculcate, in particular, the younger generation such values as respect for peoples, caring for each other. In this direction, the dormitory educators of the “Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey” work tirelessly.
On the eve of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, on May 1, the dormitory educators organized an another large-scale educational event. In addition to dormitory educators and students, “Akbota N7” kindergarten parents, children and educators also took part in the festive evening.
“There is a reason why mainly Akbota kindergarten children took part in our event. The reason is that we signed a memorandum with our pre-school educational organization on bilateral cooperation for years 2018-2021. As part of this memorandum, a “Puppet Theater” in our dormitory often attends kindergarten and puts up different fairy tales. Thanks to this, we expand the outlook of children and promote fairy tales. Moreover, one more feature is that we perform the folk tales of different nationalities and in different languages. This evening, our dormitory artists prepared another surprise for the audienc”, said the Head of the dormitory, Kalzhan Omarbayeva.
The stage masters surprised the audience by organizing the staging of the Russian folk tale “Kolobok” in the Tatar language. The setting of the fairy tale “Tugarak” in translation into Tatar language showed respect for one nationality by the second.
“We spent a lot of time preparing a stage play. Each heroic actor in a fairy tale should, in other words, “break his tongue” in Tatar style. Thus, we can say that we also learned the Tatar language additionally. We hope that the stage performance was successful. This is all due to the work of our student”, said Aizhan Mukatova, the Head of the “Puppet theater” group.
The performance of the dormitory staff together with the students, particularly adorned the evening. The groups, which were divided into Kazakh, Russian, Uygur, Georgian nationalities, tried to provide information about their people: the customs, traditions, art and culture. Even “Akbota”, kindergarden children not lagging behind the adults, danced the Spanish dance, giving the evening even more national flavor. A video was shown about the friendship of nations, where it was noted that the strength of multinational Kazakhstan lies in unity and harmony. The concert was completed with the song “Atameken” performed by the winner of many international song festivals, the artist of the City Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay – Bekzat Omashev.
In general, “Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Seme” is a multinational educational center. It should be noted that not only teachers are of different nationalities, but also the students of different nationalities study at school. Namely, they, having different languages, but one desire, different facial features, but one heart, will become the future citizens – the pride of Kazakhstan.