Great achievements of Balzhan and Adlen

Balzhan Alikenova and Adlen Rollanuli were recognized as the winners in the whole country thanks to their talent. The 8th grade students of the “Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey” became the winners in the final of the Children’s Art Competition “Zharyk Zhuldyz” recently held by the Republican scientific-methodical journal “Zharkyn Bolashak” in Almaty. Balzhan Alikenova and Adlen Rollanuli, who took part in the dombyra genre, defended the honor of the school by winning the first and third places.
“ The competition, indeed, was held at a high level. It was attended even by students of the specialized music schools. Despite this, Adlen and Balzhan managed to meet our expectations. Becoming the winners, despite the fact that in the family of the 3-place winner – Adlen, as well as the 1-place winner – Balzhan there are no close relatives who can play well on the dombyra, is the result of the “100 kyui” project which was launched only in “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”of our country”, – says Madiyar Yerkinovich, the Head of the dombyra course.
The winner of the 1st place – Balzhan and Adlen, who took the 3rd place, were also presented with a smart watch on behalf of the organizers. Interestingly, over the past six months, both students have perfectly mastered such national kuis as: Kurmangazy “Aday”, “Balbyrauyn”, S.Turysbekov “Konil tolkyny”, Zh. Yensepov “Ake tolgauy”, “Khafiz”, T. Mukhamedzhanov “Childhood”, A. Raiymbergenov “Sekirtpe”, “Kenes”, “Kos Alka”, “Kelinshek”.
“We confess, after seeing our rivals who have already performed on the stage, we became nervous. After all, everyone had a special musical education. We did not even think that we would win. But, fortunately, we managed to be among the winners. Taking this opportunity, we thank our teachers and parents for providing us support”, says Balzhan Alikenova.
We wish good luck to our two dombyra players, who had become the pride of their friends and school teachers.