Do not be nonchalant about the child’s upbringing

A strong family is an indispensable backbone of any country. The strength of the hearth depends on each member of the family. Is not it a happy family combining unity and respect for the elders by the youngest and support of the younger generation by the elders? The “Strong family” project, organized in all “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” of the AEO, is being implemented on the basis of a program developed by the renowned scientists of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom in cooperation with the United Nations. The teachers-psychologists, educators, curators, parents and students of the school met every week to discuss the common problems of the participants in the conversation as part of a project to overcome the adolescence problems (10-14 years).
The «Strong family» project consists of seven trainings. The parents, attending training every week, can get clear answers to their questions concerning the upbringing of children in the family and ask for help from psychologists. The main goal of the project is to reduce the number of influencing factors on the education of adolescents or to prevent making mistakes. At the moment two training sessions have been held. We have already seen the results. For example, the relationships between a child and the parents have changed a lot, and look no longer the way they were before. We observe them at meetings and conversations. It is true that the majority of modern parents are young people. Many of them work, and they rarely pay attention to their child. When there is not enough control, the child feels freedom, imitates others and tries to repeat what he saw on social networks. This undoubtedly negatively affects the upbringing of the child. That is why, I believe that this project can benefit helping the children to move in the right direction”, said Zhanar Mukhametkalieva, an educational psychologist of “Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey”.
A scheduled 7-week training covers a variety of topics. For example, for parents there are such topics as: “Family values and discipline”, “Promoting good behavior”, “Punishment”, “Providing support to the most vulnerable families”; they teach parents how to get rid of one of their bad habits – alcohol abuse.
“Adolescence is the most changeable period in a child’s life. A child will grow up conscious if we can give the child the right direction at this very moment. As teachers are responsible for the school life of each child, we make every effort to fully develop and improve their quality of knowledge. During the training, with the help of various games, the students acquire such qualities as respecting elders, expressing sympathy and compassion. By playing different roles, children begin to realize that their parents have a great responsibility. I believe that all this will be of great benefit for creating harmony in the family”, says the teacher-organizer-curator Meruert Biyakhmetova.
One of the parents who expressed a desire to participate in the training is Indira Sakhanova. Despite the fact that she looks after her small baby at home, she managed to find time to come to the training and she told that during the school training, she learned a lot. The same opinion is shared by another parent. The father, concerned about raising his child, is convinced that conducting ongoing training will undoubtedly be very useful.
– I really liked the training. The training is well organized. Talking with a schoolteacher and psychologist, I was convinced that various things that we do not usually pay attention in a daily life are of great importance in family relationships and upbringing of the younger generation. In my opinion, such trainings should be carried out not only in this school, but also in every school of Kazakhstan”, says the father named Askhat Ospanov.
The given training will continue in the future, during which many valuable tips will be given to 10 families who regularly attend the training. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on the strength of the “small state”.

Press service of “Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey”